pramāsana™ Exfoliating Scalp Brush


Exfoliates the scalp to help loosen build-up and impurities in preparation for optimal cleansing.

  • helps increase microcirculation to the scalp when used with massage
  • looped bristles massage without tangling hair
    creates the optimal foundation for beautiful hair

*When used with the pramāsana™ purifying scalp cleanser

The paddle brush is designed with one bristle missing in the bottom, the middle half of the brush. This hole is to provide ventilation and aid in a drainage after the brush has been washed. Additionally, it helps to prevent any bacterial growth that could occur with pooling water on the inside of the brush.

USAGE:- Massage dry scalp daily, in or out of the shower. For best results, follow with pramāsana™ purifying scalp cleanser. Can be used in conjunction with our Ayurveda-inspired awakening scalp ritual.

NOTE:- The bristles on the brush are designed in such a way that only moderate pressure is needed during dry brushing to optimize circulation and exfoliation. If too much pressure is applied while brushing some bristles can occasionally sink into the brush head and become uneven in length.