At ED Eight Days salons we pride ourselves on our professionalism, skills and products. We have also served other roles such as Ambassador Salon of International brand – Schwarzkopf Professional as well as we has collaborated with a lot of local famous celebrity.

As its core, a hair salon needs the basic condition is to make the customers feel safe and fresh always. In addition we all value our keenness and growth in hair industry, keeping our professional and create new trends to reach out to each customer’s needs.

Go beyond our original nations of good service and make you leave with smiles and feel excited for your next visit. We dedicated to giving you the ultimate experience in hair and create a uniquely personal experience that exceeds your expectations.

Find an ED Eight Days salon near you and book with one of our hair stylist experts now and experience our quality services and not sacrificing your personal tastes.

Our Vision

We take care of our customers by creating a trusted platform that makes environmentally sustainable shopping trendy and easy. ED Eight Days salon encourages the consumer to choose sustainable, zero waste products.

The Story Behind ED Eight Days salon

We believe that access to sustainable products and resources that positively benefit our planet is a basic human right. ED Eight Days salonis a small family business whose goal is to reshape the consumer product landscape and redefine the consensus of what makes a good and natural product.

What Make Us Unique

Professional Hairstylists

Our team comprises dedicated professional hair stylists who are passionate about crafting personalized looks that reflect your unique personality and enhance your natural beauty.


Step into our spacious and elegantly designed salon, where you can unwind in a comfortable and inviting environment while receiving top-notch hair care and styling services.

Premium Products

We exclusively use a curated selection of premium products that have been carefully chosen to nourish and rejuvenate your hair, ensuring you leave our salon with a luxurious and radiant finish.

From Our Customers