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Is MCO stopping you from getting your much-needed hairdo? Well, worry no more because now ED Salon is providing Door-to-Door Services. It allows you to have your hair done in any way you want in your very own home. We will bring a portable basin to your house if that’s what it takes to give you the best hairdo! All Door-to-door services* are available exclusively for customers who spend RM 200 and above.

*Perming services are not included in the Door-to-Door services.

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Fill up a simple screening questionnaire to ensure customer is aware of the proper precautionary measures to prevent the spread COVID-19 and to reduce the potential risk of exposure to workplace. Sign on questionnaire to declare that the information provided is true and correct.


Hairstylist is required to use one-time disposable gloves, one-time disposable cutting-cape, while serving customer. Dispose everything after each and every service provided. No repeat using all used disposable items.


Disinfect all tools, equipment and maintain the cleanliness to its best hygiene standard from time to time.